In the era of 3D printing, almost anything is possible with enough imagination. Put that idea to the test this holiday by picking up one of these Dewang X4 Low Temperature 3D Printer Pens, available right now in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store. While regular 3D printers usually run hundreds of dollars, one of these Dewang 3D pens will set you back just $99, significantly marked down from the usual $159.

With a 3D pen, artists can create solid, tangible objects seemingly out of thin air, all with the knowing swipes of these pens. Most 3D pens usually require hot temperatures to make the plastic construction material malleable, but the Dewang does the same job while only getting as hot as 90 degrees. That not only assures kids won't injure themselves with the pen, but even turns hands and bodies into safe canvasses for 3D creations.

The Dewang X4 Low Temperature 3D Printer Pen comes in one of four designer colors (silver, gold, rose pinkm or sky blue) and ships anywhere in the continental U.S. for free. It's also guaranteed to arrive by Dec. 24, so jump on this perfect gift for any young artist at nearly 40% off its retail price with this limited time offer.