A third Interstellar trailer was released on Wednesday, showing off over two minutes of mostly new footage. Leading up to the movie's big Nov. 7 release (just over a month away!), we've slowly been fed bits and pieces of new information, and this latest tease provides yet more details about the struggles we can expect when the film hits.

As with other Christopher Nolan films, the deeper focus is on the human element. With the survival of humanity on the line, Matthew McConaughey's character, who is also a father, struggles to accept that he might never see his family again.

The trailer shows off the worlds McConaughey and his crew will explore—there are giant waves, blizzards and explosions—along with what life is like back on Earth. Spoiler: things don't look good. Nolan revealed that Interstellar will be his longest feature film to date, which means we'll get to see plenty of space travelling action.