Gaming on your tablet just got a little classier… or more retro. ThinkGeek has stepped up and created a nice, classic joystick gaming peripheral for use with the iPad and Android tablets. The JOYSTICK-IT will run gamers $24.99 for a single or $39.99 for a double. Two sticks at once would make easy gaming out of those dual-stick shooters you've come to love so much.

ThinkGeek details their product on their site:

  • Add a real physical joystick to your tablet computer for enhanced gaming precision
  • Works with thousands of different games
  • No wires or batteries required
  • Removable and reposition-able. Will not harm your screen.
  • Solid milled-aluminum construction
  • Laser etched crosshair design on top of stick adds thumb traction
  • Invented and designed by ThinkGeek
  • Patent Pending design

I'm in for two.