Some loco burglars reportedly broke into Microsoft's Mountain View offices, casually peeped some gear, and stole only Apple products. Isn't it sacrilege for a company to own a competitor's products? They were probably for testing purposes, but even still.

According to a clipping from the Palo Alto Daily Post, someone broke into the electronically sealed building and swiped five separate iPad models, including one "that does not exist yet." Don't get too excited—whomever reported the burglary, or maybe the investigating officer, must have misspoke.

The loot allegedly included two iPad 2s, two iPad 3s, and the final one being Apple's latest iPad 4, which someone mistakenly thought wasn't released. I'm not sure I understand that part. Maybe the employees working in Microsoft's Mountain View office live under a rock and don't know what's out and what isn't.

At the bottom of the report, the Daily Post specifically says that no Microsoft products were reported stolen. Maybe nothing was readily available?