Hey, we don’t like waiting in lines or seeing delays for the iPad mini either, but apparently some folks are just too excited for Apple’s new tablet that they decided to storm a cargo center owned by Cargo Airport Services at JFK International Airport. They were successful, too, and made out with $1.5 million worth of iPad mini units. Here’s how the heist went down, according to the New York Post:

Apparently two thieves managed to get through the airport’s security and made their way over to a cargo facility that holds the iPad minis until trucks are able to come and deliver them out to stores. The thieves then hijacked a forklift and drove it into the cargo building and took two whole pallets of boxes (about 3,500 iPads) and dropped them off in a truck (presumably driven by another suspect). They didn’t go unnoticed, however – an airport worker came to the scene before they were able to load up the truck with three additional iPad mini pallets, New York Post explained.

The current theory is that this was somewhat of an inside job, since a source speaking to New York Post said it seems like someone let them into the tarmac area and then also guided the truck out as they made their escape.

[via New York Post]