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We've all seen those movies in which thieves dig tunnels into bank vaults to get at the cash inside, but it seems three crooks in Beijing may have seen a few too many. The trio used the same approach to gain access to an iPhone warehouse before stealing hundreds of handsets worth more than $228,000.

All three men were arrested this week after entering the warehouse through a 50-centimeter hole they had dug through a wall between December 12 and December 14, 2014, according to a report from state-run Xinhua News.

One of the suspects is reported to have been familiar with the warehouse because he was a former driver for the logistics company that owns the building.

The thieves obtained 240 iPhone 6 handsets in total, local police say, worth around 1.4 million yuan (approx. $228,496). The devices were then sold, and the men spent their earnings on "cards, gold, and gambling." They probably thought they had gotten away with their heist, but police were able to use the serial numbers of the stolen devices to track them down.

Apple's latest iPhones have been a massive success in China, where they grabbed more than 20 million pre-orders during their first weekend of availability back in mid-October. They've been in high demand there ever since, and impressive sales — thanks in part to a deal with China Mobile, the world's largest carrier — have helped Apple grab a greater share of China's smartphone market.