You may have seen Apple show off its new Space Gray iMac Pro that starts off at a cool $5,000 and thought it was outrageously expensive. Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. A pair of Apple vintage sneakers will go on auction for the starting price of $15,000. Insert “damn” GIF.

To be fair, the crazy $15,000 price isn’t Apple trying to gouge you for every cent you have. Heritage Auctions, a private collectable vendor, is auctioning off a pair of the rare Apple sneakers through eBay. The sneakers are from the 1990’s when Apple specially crafted up pairs of sneakers for its employees. Thus, few of these sneakers have seen the light of day.

Donning an all-white color, the sneakers look like something worn in a Mighty Ducks movie. But the main attraction is the rainbow Apple logo on the side and on the tongue.

The auction is starting at $15,000 and will begin June 11. The price is sure to reach a much higher number before the auction closes. Heritage Auctions estimates the value of the shoes to be worth $30,000 while anticipating the bidding will end up somewhere between $24,000 and $36,000. As for how high it goes, your guess is a good as mine.

In case these Apple vintage sneakers aren’t your cup of tea, Heritage Auctions is also auctioning off a pair of the Back to the Future Nike Air Mag self-lacing shoes for the same price.