For the past few days, the world has been feasting their eyes on Avengers: Endgame. If you haven't seen it yet, trying to avoid spoilers is a gauntlet, and even toys aren't safe from revealing the twists, turns and secrets in the movie. In fact, there are a handful of toys that have spoilers all their own, and we've got them for you here.

Lego Sets

When it comes to spoiler filled toys, Lego wins. They have 5 different brand new sets available that are all filled with spoilers. The Lego sets 76123: Captain America: Outriders Attack, 76131 Avengers Compound Battle, 76124 War Machine Buster, 76125 Iron Man Hall of Armor, 76126 Avengers Ultimate Quinjet, are of the sets which include spoilers.

The Outrider Attack and Compound Battle set both include Outrider enemies shown in leaks a few weeks ago of major battles at the Avengers Compound. Meanwhile, you can see surviving members of the team working together to deal with Outriders in the War Machine Buster, Hall of Armor and Ultimate Quinjet sets. You'll also notice Hulk in one of these sets, and the last time we saw him he was refusing to fight after a thrashing from Thanos.

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Funko Pop

Nebula is sporting some new hardware

For every major movie, TV show or cartoon, there is a line of Funko Pop collectibles and Avengers: Endgame is no different. While the white suits that these characters are wearing were shown off in the first official trailer, there are two character spoilers you may spot.

The first is the side of Nebula's face. The last time we saw her, she'd taken a major beating while trying to help take Thanos down before things went sideways. In her new Funko Pop, you can see she's rocking some new orange hardware on the right side of her face. What does it mean? We have no idea. But it's there.

Hulk's brand new Funko Pop is a spoiler in two parts. To begin with, none of the trailers have shown us our favorite green rage machine, but he's wearing a Quantum suit. Which means not only is Hulk going to be coming back out, but he's going to be involved in saving the world. You may also notice that he's looking a bit more like Bruce these days, with silver at his temples. It seems like we might finally be getting our first look at Professor Hulk, the form of hulk that is super strong but still has Banner's intelligence.

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Infinity Gauntlet

A new Infinity Gauntlet

One of the biggest questions in Avengers: Endgame is how our heroes are going to deal with the snap that killed half the world. There have been fan theories for some time that they'll be collecting the infinity stones themselves in order to build a new gauntlet and undo Thanos' damage.

This tweet shows a very different looking Gauntlet than the bright gold one that Thanos was rocking in Avengers: Infinity War. It's also a right-handed glove, unlike the one we saw in the last movie. Considering the more mechanical look, it's possible this might be the Stark Industries version making it a major spoiler for Avengers: Endgame.


Thanos Build-a-Bear has some curious voice phrases

Build-a-Bear is probably best known for its tie-in bears and plushes for a variety of different fandoms. They're jumping into the Avengers: Endgame toy market with a special plush Thanos Bear and while his look doesn't contain any spoilers his voice clips seem to let a few things loose.

Thanos the bear can be fitted with a sound chip that includes 5 phrases from the mad titan himself. It's two of them that might let the cat out of the bag about some of what is going on in Avengers: Endgame. "I had all the power in my grasp" and "How are you doing this? You do not have the will to wield the power of the infinity stones!" Both of these clips seem to indicate that he loses the infinity stones somehow and that someone else — like our intrepid team of heroes — might acquire it to face off against him.

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