Last month, Hot Wheels continued its long and illustrious partnership with Chevy when the two companies jointly announced the 2018 Camaro Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Special Edition. TechnoBuffalo was invited to check out the event at Hot Wheels’ garage in El Segundo, California.

This brought along an unexpected opportunity. While covering the event, we also got to check out three special edition cars designed and created by Hot Wheels. These cars just happened to be real-life versions of the most iconic Hot Wheels vehicles ever created and they are fully drivable.

Needless to say, these cars are pretty awesome. Hot Wheels even added the special note of placing the toy versions next to the real-life model. It’s a pretty cool side by side comparison you have to check out for yourselves. Here are real-life Hot Wheels in all of their glory.

2011 Bone Shaker

  • Designed by Larry Wood
  • Built by Action Vehicle Engineering
  • “A fan favorite rat rod based on the iconic Hot Wheels Bone Shaker original design.”
  • Engine: Chevrolet 350V8
  • Power: 420 horsepower, 350-ft pound of torque
  • Top Speed: 160 miles per hour

The Bone Shaker is a Hot Wheels Original Design and one of the most recognizable Hot Wheels ever made. A quick glance at the skull-encrusted front and it’s hard to not notice it. That’s because it stands out quickly. It’s been included in numerous games, including being one of two Hot Wheels cars as part of a special edition DLC for Rocket League. This particular custom made model has a Chevrolet 350V8 that churns out 420 horsepower and 350-foot pound of torque and revs up to 160 miles per hour.

Designed by Larry Wood, one of Hot Wheel’s lead designers for 40 years, it looks like a blast to drive. Some other details of note include the ride-tech suspension arms, QA1 coil overs, tubular chassis, bomber seats and zoomie pipes.

2001 Twin Mill

  • Designed by Ira Gilford
  • Built by Boyd Coddington, Chip Foose, Barry Lobeck and Action Vehicle Engineering
  • “Originally designed for the 1969 Hot Wheels line and use ever since, this Hot Wheels vehicle is arguably the most iconic Hot Wheels vehicle ever.”
  • Engine: Two-Chevy 502 Big Block Engines
  • Power: 1400 horsepower

Another flagship Hot Wheels vehicle, the 2001 Twin Mill is a car for the ages. It first made its debut back in 1969 and has continued to be a Hot Wheels fixture ever since. Not only does it look like a rugged sports car, the key differentiating detail the Twin Mill has are those two Chevy 502 Big Block Engines that stick up like towers out of the hood. And they are not just for show, they provide a stunning amount of power to the tune of 1400 horsepower.

The builders of the real-life version outfitted the car with two B&M Blowers, Wilwood Hydraulic Breaks and KMC Rims using Goodyear tires. The Twin Mill was also the second car included in the Hot Wheels DLC for Rocket League.

1971 Chevrolet El Camino (Custom 2012 Build)

  • Designed by Fraser Campbell
  • Built by Action Vehicle Engineering
  • “Built for use as part of the Hot Wheels’ Test Facility and seen in the live-action, stunt filled web series Hot Wheels: World’s Best Driver”
  • Engine: 502 V9 Crate Engine
  • Power: 650 horsepower
  • Top Speed: 180 miles per hour

The custom edition of the 1971 Chevrolet El Camino released in 2012 adds some flair to the classic car. It still has the same car-meets-truck chassis with the long cargo bed. But instead of the bed being used for storage, it is now occupied by Twin Pratt and Whitney Jet Engines. It is purely for cosmetic reasons because it adds absolutely nothing to the performance of the car, but it still looks badass.

What does power the El Camino is a 502 V8 Crate Engine that produces 605 horsepower and caps out at 180 miles per hour. It also has 4-wheel 6-piston calipers, Flowmaster Exhaust, carbon fiber roof scoops and air breaks and 18-inch custom steel wheels designed to withstand 400 miles per hour.