Apple confirmed it has discontinued three iPhone models.

Starting today, you can no longer purchase the iPhone X, iPhone 6S, and iPhone SE. All three iPhone models from the past are out of production and no longer for sale from Apple. Search for them at the Apple Store, and you won’t be able to dig up much information. Apple’s scrubbed itself clean of them.

The iPhone X was killed off because, well, its very similar successor exists. Meanwhile, the iPhone 6S and the iPhone SE are outdated. By dropping those two, Apple can push some more recent models as the entry-level devices. It’s about sales, after all.

The decision was made after Apple unveiled its newest iPhone models, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR. Both are sitting atop the Apple Store and will be released around the world this fall.

Still, you’re not out of luck when shopping for a new iPhone that’s on the inexpensive side. Apple will continue selling select iPhone models at a discount. So far, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7 remain live and available on the Apple Store.

It’s unlikely either of them faces extinction until next year at the earliest. Not everyone has $750+ to spend, so these older iPhone models need to stay in production a bit longer.

Anyone who’s upgrading can pre-order the iPhone XS on Friday, September 14. It’ll then go on sale at the end of the following week. Looking at the iPhone XR? Apple’s budget-friendly iPhone arrives in late October. Otherwise, feel free to stick with your current iPhone or non-Apple smartphone.