I’m probably more excited for Final Fantasy XV than I’ve ever been for any other game in the series. Admittedly, I’m not what you’d call a hardcore fan. I’ve always picked up the better received titles on the cheap well after they release. I played VII at a friends house, and the only entry I personally went nuts for was Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (which is actually one of my favorite games, ever).

Final Fantasy XV, though? The scale of the world and its inhabitants, the look of the graphics, the whole notion of the car and the idea of the party being a group of dudes just hanging out and living life? I’m into all of those things, and that’s in spite of the clothes our heroes wear.

These brand new screenshots come from a Japanese build of Final Fantasy XV. As my headline suggests, I’m getting intense Attack on Titan vibes from the first few screens in the gallery at the head of this post. That goliath absolutely looks like a titan, and I’m just waiting to see a screen of Eren zipping in and slicing the back of the beast’s neck.

Final Fantasy XV is set to release of September 30, 2016. It will hit both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We’ll have more on the title as it comes, so stay tuned.