Earlier this week, Google announced a pretty massive Android Wear update that will begin to roll out soon. Unfortunately, it turns out that almost half the Android Wear devices on the market won’t be able to take advantage of the most important new feature.

Phandroid reports that LG’s G Watch, the G Watch R and the Asus ZenWatch won’t be able to take advantage of Wi-Fi support. The update is rolling out over the next few weeks, starting with LG’s G Watch Urbane. Motorola’s Moto 360 is also set to add Wi-Fi support, along with Sony’s SmartWatch 3. Samsung’s Gear Live packs a Wi-Fi antenna as well, though the company hasn’t made an official statement either way.

If you’re still holding onto one of these unsupported models, it may be time for an upgrade, at least if you care about Wi-Fi support. That’s kind of unfortunate giving how new they all are. We’re guessing the rest of these new features will still make it to your smartwatch, introducing wrist-based gesture controls, a battery-friendly always-on display and the ability to draw emojis.