Black_Element_Cyclone_SmallIf your hot and heavy Diablo 3 sessions lead to sweaty palms and finger slippage, worry not: help is on the way courtesy of Thermaltake. Today, the company’s Tt ESports division announced the Black Element Cyclone Edition mouse, which is an enhanced version of the basic Black Element mouse, complete with a detachable 6,000 RPM fan attached to cool down your overheated digits. No, really!

According to Thermaltake’s press release, the Black Element Cyclone Edition hits 2.7 cubic feet of airflow per minute, a rate that the company claims can “efficiently dry off the hand” thanks to the close proximity of the fan to the mouse itself.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: mo’ fans, mo’ noise problems! Again, don’t worry. The Black Element Cyclone rocks a scant 21.7 decibels, which Thermaltake says is less than the ambient noise level at a typical library.


And as we said, if even that’s too loud, you can always detach the detachable fan, neatly turning the Black Element Cyclone Edition into a traditional gaming mouse with 6,500 dpi laser sensitivity and 22.5g worth of customizable weights. It even packs a military-grade rubber coating to keep your hand from slipping if you do decide to deactivate the fan.

Interested gamers can read up on the Black Element Cyclone Edition over on the Tt eSports website. So, time to share your thoughts: is a detachable mouse fan is genuinely useful or just a gimmick?

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