Will he or won’t he be returning? That’s the question surrounding James Gunn as his status pertaining to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 continues to fluctuate. Officially, Gunn was fired by Disney and is in the midst of negotiating his buyout, but a new report sates that he may return to direct the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

According to Deadline, sources with inside knowledge say there’s still a strong Marvel faction trying to persuade Disney into possibly bringing Gunn back to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 after he was fired last month due to some offensive tweets. This goes against earlier reports stating Disney (the parent company of Marvel) is moving on.

A report yesterday mentioned Gunn and Disney were in negotiations for his buyout and that the studio is still planning on using his script for the film. That’s a big point to mention because Dave Bautista has threatened to quit the movie if Gunn’s script wasn’t used. Now, there’s a distant chance that not only will his script be used, Gunn might return to the director’s chair.

Nothing is definitive and Deadline’s report goes on to make it clear that this is all just discussion. Disney has not agreed to anything and as of right now Gunn is still fired, but Gunn loyalists have come out to bat for him and Disney hasn’t completely shut the door.

It’s seen as a long shot, but it’s the best shot supporters of Gunn have at seeing him reinstated as the leader of Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

Though unconfirmed, rumors say one of the people trying to persuade Disney to bring back James Gunn is Marvel president Kevin Feige. He does seem like one of the only people within the studio who would have enough clout to actually make Disney at least listen to the idea of bringing back Gunn after firing him so hastily.