“There’s An App For That” has become a joke phrase for many people because Apple beat us over the head with it in so many advertisements. Well, now people are going to have to be a bit more careful about when and where they use it, because now the phrase is going to have a good old fashioned “TM” next to for it “trademark”.

There's An App For ThatIt appears that back on Dec. 9, 2009, Apple applied for a trademark on the catchphrase “There’s An App For That” as it applies to the categories of Advertising, Business and Retail Services, Computer and Software Services and Scientific Services. The trademark was granted today and it covers:

Retail store services featuring computer software provided via the Internet and other computer and electronic communication networks; retail store services featuring computer software for use on handheld mobile digital electronic devices and other consumer electronics.

Basically anything in the computer or mobile space that has to do with apps is now going to have to watch its wording.

This really isn’t surprising seeing has how Apple trademarks and patents everything under the sun, but this one just seems silly for some reason.

What say you? Good or bad idea on Apple’s behalf?