The white box you see above might look like an early laptop prototype, but it’s actually two next generation consoles in one. Modder Eddie Zarick somehow managed to squeeze an entire Playstation 4 and Xbox One into a single machine, because dreams do come true.

PlayBox, 4One, whatever you decide to call it, there are no exclusives here. The Frankenstein console, which looks like a limited edition arcade machine from the 80s, took about a month to make, and according to Zarick, it runs perfectly (for now). It’s an impressive achievement, no doubt, and something I wish was sitting beside me on my desk.

As the video shows, the components are packed quite compactly into the console’s shell, though Zarick says there are currently no cooling issues. The laptop itself sports a 22-inch Vizio screen, and is about four inches thick when closed. Certainly not designed for portability, but it achieved its wildly ambitious goal of combining the two console into one harmonious super machine.

It seems to work pretty well in the video demonstration, but I wonder how it’d hold up after extended use. Check out the video to see the machine in action.