Last month, Apple announced an update for the MacBook Pro that not only added new internals, it also fixed the keyboard issue that has plagued the device for so long. Shortly after, news sprouted that the new computers were throttling under intensive processing and needed an update to fix the issue. Now, another issue has been discovered that is affecting the new MacBook Pro.

According to multiple users across multiple mediums, the new 2018 MacBook Pro appears to be experiencing a crackling sound through the built-in speakers when they play music. Many of these users have posted videos on YouTube to display the crackling sound when the volume is turned up.

When music is playing, a deep screech can be heard. Listening up close, the sounds turns into more of a distorting crackling that comes in slow, annoying tones.

The issue is affecting both the 13-inch and 15-inch 2018 MacBook Pro models, though the reason for it remains unclear. Users who posted the videos were using iTunes, GarageBand and YouTube, while others were running Windows through Boot Camp. There doesn’t seem to be any correlation for the ongoing speaker issue.

This isn’t the first time MacBook Pro speakers have suffered from a crackling issue. Back in 2016, users running Boot Camp were also experiencing a speaker issue. Apple acknowledged the issue and patched it up with new audio drivers.

Apple could take a similar step this time around and push out an update for all 2018 MacBook Pro models to fix the crackling sound.