“Sorry, I’ve gotta go. The butler is here.”

Here’s a Batman: Arkham Knight mod that I didn’t see coming. Players can now don the fancy tails of Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s longtime family friend and butler.

The work appears to have been done by the owner of the Batman Arkham Videos channel on YouTube. That person credits tchi6 for finding a way to make non-playable characters playable.

As for Alfred? He’s a bit limited in moves, according to the video poster.

I’ve tried to edit some files in Batman: Arkham Knight and finally managed to play as Alfred Pennyworth. His moveset is very limited, he cannot perform counter-attacks, environmental takedowns or dual takedowns, but he can still kick plenty of ass.

The fact that Alfred can’t counter is certainly the biggest downfall of this otherwise hilarious mod. I can totally live without the other stuff, but that one would make combat a bit tough in the rougher portions of the game’s campaign.

Still, Arkham Knight from this vantage point seems downright silly, doesn’t it?