We already knew there were at least six Star Wars movies in the planning stages, but it turns out there are even more that the public doesn’t know about. At least, that’s according to voice actor Tom Kane.

Kane is famously voiced Admiral Ackbar, who uttered the legendary line, “It’s a trap!” He has also filled in as Yoda, so the man certainly has pedigree behind closed doors. Well, according to him, Lucasfilm is currently developing at least nine Star Wars movies right now, which means fans will have plenty to look forward to.

But, thinking about it, will that be too much for fans to handle? Hopefully, Lucasfilm aims for quality over quantity in its pursuit to expand the Star Wars universe.

Kane mentioned that there are some individual character stories in development, though no plans for a standalone Yoda flick. Instead, we can probably look forward to something for Obi Wan and Boba Fett, the latter of which may be directed by James Mangold.

As to whether we’ll see another Han Solo movie, its box office performance probably holds the answer.

At the moment, Lucasfilm has officially announced projects from Rian Johnson and the minds behind Games of Thrones. Both parties are planning brand new trilogies that are separate from the Skywalker family.

Star Wars fans can expect Episode IX to come out at the end of 2019, but after that nothing has been scheduled for release. It’s unlikely anything of note will be announced over the next few months, but Lucasfilm does have a Star Wars Celebration planned for early 2019, so perhaps we’ll hear something then.