If you thought the Apple Watch might have an app problem, you can think again. Less than two months after the device made its debut, there are already more than 6,000 Watch apps available in the App Store, according to the latest data from one intelligence firm.

To be more precise, the total number of Watch apps available when App Annie checked on Monday was 6,352. When Watch first went on sale on April 24, around 3,000 apps were available, which means the catalog has more than doubled in just over six weeks.

This makes Watch by far the most popular smartwatch platform among app developers — far more popular than its closest rival, Android Wear. The device is now being supported by the likes of Evernote, Uber, CNN, ESPN, Amazon, and now eBay.

Surprisingly, games are the fastest-growing category, according to App Annie, with almost 300 new titles since the Watch went on sale. The utility category is the biggest, followed by games, productivity, lifestyle, and health & fitness.