I still haven't played Final Fantasy Theatrhythm yet. I know, what kind of a fan of Final Fantasy music am I? But even without playing it, what is most entertaining to me besides the freakishly large collection of Final Fantasy tunes is how levels are designed to recreate the look of a Final Fantasy battle system. Facing left, tunes fly in from the right like monster attacks. You know the drill. Classic 2D line-fighting!

Now we have Theatrhythm Dragon Quest showing off in its debut trailer, and does the melody again fly from right to left? Of course not! Any self respecting Dragon Quest fan knows that besides Dragon Quest IX, the series has staunchly retained its first person viewpoint when fighting in battle. Likewise, Theatrhythm Dragon Quest's melodies fall from top to bottom, as if you were looking at the enemy and up is forward.

At least, that's the first thing I noticed in this trailer. What's wrong with me?

There's other things to talk about here. Theatrhythm Dragon Quest is also home to some dastardly Metal Slimes which are in dire need of a butt whuppin', and the characters and monsters are all adorable with the Theatrhythm's cutesy art style.

In fact, the only thing I walk away from unimpressed by is the music! That's not to say Dragon Quest has forgettable music, because that is far from the case, but as I mentioned before, the series' musical scores work best as whole body rather than individual tracks. Aside from the iconic main theme, no particular songs are real standouts in Dragon Quest, unlike Final Fantasy which is loaded with memorable individual tracks.

When playing a Dragon Quest game, the music simply "is," and because of this, it is a little easier to get lost in and enjoy its worlds, I think. Great for an RPG, not the best for a rhythm game.

Either way, I hope this gets localized along with the eight or so other Dragon Quest games that Square Enix is sitting on over here in Japan like Smaug the Dragon.