Project Scorpio’s in the news this week as Microsoft finally took the wraps off of the upcoming powerhouse of a console’s specs. One bit of news that flew in with the horsepower numbers is the continued decision to nix the Kinect port on the back of the console.

Like the Xbox One S before it, Project Scorpio is the second in the Xbox family recently to drop the Kinect port. Microsoft has indicated that the Kinect will still be supported on Scorpio thanks to the adapter that’s available, but they won’t continue the program that gives one away for free for those who upgrade to the Scorpio. They did that Adapter Program for the Xbox One S.

It was previously possible that the Xbox One S simply ditched the Kinect port to make for a cheaper to produce and purchase consoles for both Microsoft and consumers. This move, though, sort of says that even with Scorpio’s expectedly premium price point, Microsoft doesn’t see the Kinect as a valid inclusion.

The Kinect is pushing up daisies

The writing’s been on the wall since the moment Microsoft announced that it would no longer pack Kinects in with every Xbox One purchase. The motion control-based camera hardware was done for on that day, and we even wrote about that as it happened.

This latest exclusion is simply the new stone on the path towards total extinction. Sayonara, Kinect.