Thanks to the world of cloud computing, there’s a recent argument going around that home consoles are starting to become less and less necessary in the world of gaming. Why, the logic goes, would you need a hunk of parts in your home when all of the computing can be done server-side instead?

That logic dictates that Microsoft might be stepping out of the home console business following the Xbox One. I know, it just got here, but the consideration that the machine might be the last of its kind is a weird one.

Phil Spencer, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Studios, has weighed in on the matter.

When asked by a fan on Twitter if the Xbox One would be Microsoft’s last home console as “we know it,” Spencer responded like so:

Spencer means consoles when he says “local compute,” and we think he’s absolutely right.

For a gaming platform that relies solely on streaming content to users to take off, technology needs to advance quite a bit. High bandwidth access has to become completely universal the world over, and server tech has to be good enough to make gamers feel like they’re playing on a local machine.

Right now? We’re not even close to that standard. Home consoles aren’t going away anytime soon, folks.