This past year, I chopped my cable lineup down to a mere shadow of its former self. As I looked at the lineup, I realized that what I was getting back wasn't worth the $60 or $80 a month I was paying for it. But I've been hanging on to the meager local package ever since. Now might be the time to cut the last cord: the digital over-the-air TV tuner for Xbox One is now available.

Microsoft announced this week that the device, provided by Hauppauge, is available for purchase online and through Microsoft stores.

The tuner, when coupled with an HDTV antenna, will pull in any local HD channels. What the tuner provides that just the HDTV antenna doesn't is access to the Xbox One's TV features. Up to 30 minutes of live TV can be paused, TV channels can be snapped, and features like OneGuide and Kinect navigation can be used. On top of that, TV streaming is available on the Xbox One Smartglass app on smartphones and tablets, as well as the upcoming Windows 10, meaning that even if someone is playing an Xbox game in the next room, someone can watch TV and change channels.

If you already have an HD antenna, you can pick up the device on its own for $59.99, but there's a combo package available as well that includes an antenna and the device.  The included antenna is the Mohu Leaf 50 antenna, which looks to retail for $70 on its own, making the combo pack a pretty good deal for a first-time buyer. Mohu also provides a site that will show you, by punching in your address, what channels you should be able to receive using the device.

The Xbox has some pretty cool TV functionality, and this device might just be the best way to take advantage of it, especially if they go ahead with the rumored TV recording capability we've heard about.