Way back in February of this year, Square Enix quietly pulled The World Ends With You: Solo Remix from the App Store. The problem? The iOS updates actually rendered the game completely useless.

The de-listing had to happen. The unfortunate bit was the Square Enix took forever to pull the title. New folks who purchased the game, and those who already owned it as well, complained of its broken nature, and Square Enix elected to yank it after a few months of this.

Remember, iOS 8 initially dropped in September of 2014. The game wasn’t pulled until February of 2015. That’s five or so months of broken purchases.

Well, have no fear, fans, Square Enix has quietly made good on the issue. The World Ends With You: Solo Remix is back up on the App Store with iOS 8 support. Those who already own it, download the game again or apply the update in order to get it working.

Don’t own it? Well, it still carries its massive $17.99 price point. Yikes.

It’s good news that Square Enix fixed this game for iOS 8 support. Just in time for iOS 9’s beta to roll out. Here’s hoping that doesn’t break the game again.

If you own an Android device, have no fear. The game wasn’t broken, and it’s remained available on the Google Play store. It still carried that 18 smacker price, though.