The Wonderful 101

When it comes to games crafted in Japan by almost entirely Japanese teams, not much breaks moments of immersion quite like terrible English voice acting.

Sure, voice acting has gotten a whole lot better with the growth of the video game medium, but there have been some terrible instances of English dialogue dubbed into Japanese games in the past. Heck, we did a whole list about this exact subject a few months back.

That’s why it’s great to hear when a game will give players an option to flip between native or non-native voice tracks. The Wonderful 101 will let users pick whether they want to listen to Japanese or English, and they even announced a decision to include the subs for multiple languages.

Here’s the news per Platinum Games’ official blog.

We’ve actually gone and included both the Japanese and English voice track in the game so that players can choose the one they prefer. How’s that for service, eh?

And that’s not all! We also included Japanese subtitles for when you choose English audio! So if you set the game to English audio + Japanese subtitles, you’ll not only see the English text in the speech bubble, but you’ll also get Japanese subtitles displayed vertically at the top right of the screen. Why? Because we love you!

Personally, I’ll be playing with Japanese audio and English subtitles. How about you?

The Wonderful 101 hits the Wii U on Sept. 15, 2013.

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