Telltale’s follow-up to The Walking Dead is almost here. Set in Vertigo’s Fables universe comes The Wolf Among Us, a game that will hopefully bridge the gap between comics and interactive entertainment to collectively blow minds.

The Wolf Among Us will hit the PC and Xbox 360 platform on Friday, October 11th. The full season will sell for $25.

Fables is a story about fairy tales forced to leave their realm and take shelter in ours. They live in a small district of a city, and assume semi-real natures in order to hide themselves. The Wolf Among Us is about Bigby Wolf, the Big Bad Wolf turned into a detective. This is a slice of his story.

The screenshots, which you can flip through in the gallery at the base of this post, and launch trailer do outstanding justice to Bill Willingham’s graphic novels. The art in those books, done up by the likes of Mark Buckingham, Lan Medina, Steve Leialoha and Craig Hamilton, is one-of-a-kind.

Hopefully Telltale is able to nail this story and universe as well as they did The Walking Dead. If that happens, prepare yourselves for another must-have gaming experience.