The Witness is set to launch this week for both the PlayStation 4 and PC. It runs exceptionally well on the former console, and I’m sure it’ll perform well on the PC, too. Down the line, The Witness will also be compatible with virtual reality headsets on the PC.

The PlayStation 4, though? Not so much. That decision comes for a good reason, though. Creator Jonathan Blow spoke with iDigitalTimes about the choice.

“Not on PlayStation VR simply because to support that you would’ve had to design the game from the outset…We started this game a long time ago way before PlayStation VR was a concept so for for this game. We might do some support for PC based UV because it’s easier to add that in later.”

Blow went on to indicate that, while The Witness will be VR compatible on the PC, the game wasn’t designed specifically for the new medium.

“The game is also not designed for VR…I think that the best VR experiences are actually designed for VR. But all that said, I think [ The Witness ] is a really nice world to wander around in VR, so I think they might like it.”

The colorful and challenging world of The Witness will certainly turn some virtual reality heads, that’s for sure.

It’s a bummer that the game won’t support PSVR, but the developers would have had to design it specifically with that feature in mind in order to pull it off the right way. VR will require more hardware power to run well, and the fact that PCs don’t really have a hardware ceiling means that just about anything could eventually work in VR. The PS4, though? Its performance is capped, and games that aren’t designed to run within the platform’s limits certainly won’t magically change.