Are you ready for a challenge? The Witness apparently has one particular puzzle that only a very, very slim section of players will likely complete.

Jonathan Blow, one of the main folks behind The Witness, spoke with the PlayStation Blog in a lengthy and solid interview. In that the course of the conversation, he indicated that it’s going to be rather tough for folks to 100 percent the game.

He was asked about whether or not extremely difficult puzzles were cut simply because they were too hard. His response is fantastic for fans of tough game.

“No. Usually if I cut things it’s just because I don’t think they’re very good. I’ve cut hundreds of things from the game. Usually I cut them early — I start experimenting with something and decide I don’t like it.”

Blow only cuts things if they aren’t good, not if they’re just exceedingly hard. That’s great! He continues, and here comes the challenge.

“But there’s at least one puzzle in the game right now that almost nobody — like 1% of players — will ever be able to figure out.”

Yep, consider that gauntlet thrown down.

The Witness will release for the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms on January 26, 2016.