The Witness is the talk of the town in a lot of tiny corners of the Internet right now. Thekla and Jonathan Blow’s title has won a bunch of praise, is doing well on digital marketplaces on Steam and, unfortunately, being pirated a lot.

Blow took to Twitter to talk a little about the piracy of The Witness. Interestingly enough, he didn’t stand up and slam the pirates like other devs have done in the past. Instead, he sort of implied a plead.

He goes a bit further, still keeping the humbleness apparent.

Right, so he doesn’t exactly sit there screaming about how bad piracy is. We won’t either, Mr. Blow.

I will say this: developers need money to make games. Whether or not piracy is right or wrong, if you’ve pirated The Witness and are enjoying it, drop the cash. The game is $40, but it’s massive. The price tag makes sense.