During the PlayStation Experience this past weekend, PlayStation got The Witness designer Jonathan Blow (previously of Braid fame) to sit on stage during a livestream and watch one personality play his game.

The event was streamed on Twitch and captured in front of an audience, so that left our intrepid player with the task of fielding questions while playing an in-depth puzzle game in front of a famous game developer. Ha. Sounds rough.

What we see in the video is the early goings of The Witness. Blow talks about how his team’s game teaches players to solve the world around them without verbal prompts, and the two discuss the particular learning problems this setup presents.

Blow also talks briefly about the scope and release timing of the game. The Witness will feature over 700 puzzles spread across 30-40 hours of play, and it will likely be released in mid-to-late 2015. The exact wording on the release window for this one was “not that late in 2015, hopefully.”

Yes. Hopefully. The Witness will sell for the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms, though launch timing regarding which comes first has not been revealed.