I remember those early wonderful days of the previous console generation, when street dates were being broken by retailers without a care in the world. Halo 3 hit the market early, and Bungie flipped its lid, threatening action against anyone who spoiled the ending. Mass Effect came out early and my college buddies drove three hours to pick it up somewhere in downtown DC.

Good times.

Nowadays, it’s like a little throwback to a simpler age when a retailer tosses a street date into the trash can, but we just can’t have fun anymore for that long. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt broke its street date over a week early in the United Arab Emirates this past weekend, and those who already have a copy are being hunted down through social networks. Twitch makes it easy to find them since some people just have to be the first to stream the game. Braggers… they’ll never learn.

Others can simply be located through the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, and boom, your fun is over once the publishers digitally assassinates you. Not quite Die Hard 4 style, but you get the idea. Kids these days. You have to turn off your network settings to enjoy a broken street date! Yes, these consoles can run without Internet.

So please, if you want to misbehave, don’t get caught like an amateur. Video games and fun in general are on lock by big brother.