I don’t think we’ll be seeing The Witcher again any time soon in video game format, but that’s fine. Geralt will be bringing his fantasy swagger onto the big screen in a new The Witcher film that has a global release date of 2017.

The film was greenlit for production last year, but we now have a much larger idea of what it could turn out to be. Academy Award nominated director Tomasz Baginski has been tapped to helm the film, and it will be produced by The Sean Daniel Company, famous for The Mummy films and the Ben-Hur remake coming next year. Thania St. John of NBC’s Grimm series is involved with the writing staff.

While no doubt the films will try to capture the look and feel of the games, the plots will be based on The Witcher and The Lesser Evil, two separate Geralt short stories taking place in writer Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy universe.

Following the film, the production team plans to expand on the universe with a television series and sequels should the first do well enough. No word if video game studio CD Projekt RED is involved, but my guess is it has to be at some level considering it owns the franchise’s brand.