Almost finished with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt? Too bad. There’s more, and it’s almost ready, according to CD Projekt Red.

Speaking a Witcher 3 panel at PAX prime this weekend, CD Projekt Red’s Travis Currit said that the first expansion, titled “Heart of Stone,” is “almost ready, and shaping up really nicely,” according to Dualshockers. The expansion – the first of two – is set to release in October and should add about 10 additional hours of content to the game.

Additionally, if you liked the game’s card-based mini-game, Gwent, Currit says some “good news” is coming soon. My instinct says it’s a standalone digital card game in the spirit of Hearthstone or Bethesda’s upcoming Elder Scrolls card game, but we don’t yet have any word indicating either way.

If you haven’t yet picked up the expansion pass for The Witcher 3, it’s $24.99 on places like Steam,, and EA Origin.