Chances are, if you’ve been waiting for a white iPhone 4 you’ve already made other handset plans. The handset was originally supposed to be released with the black version of the iPhone 4, and was then postponed for yet-to-be-established reasons (although many speculate the camera flash bled through the white exterior). Over the past 10 months we’ve heard probably hundreds of rumors about the mythical phone and its upcoming release (or lack there of). Here’s another one of those rumors:

According to Bloomberg, Apple will be ready to sell the white iPhone 4 in the next few weeks. According to “three people with knowledge of the plans” the handset will be available in both Verizon and AT&T stores by the end of April. Apple’s senior VP of marketing, Phil Shiller, indicated in a tweet in March that the white iPhone would be available by spring, althuogh many speculated it would be a white iPhone 5 rather than a 4.

What do you think? Will Apple actually release a white iPhone 4 this month? If they do, what do you think that means for the iPhone 5?

[via Bloomberg]