The old saying of when, “it rains, it pours” proved to be true over the past week as Twitter seemed to kick new releases into high gear.  For the past year or so, the popular microblogging service seemed to be fairly fixated on increasing its stability with new releases and announcements being few and far between.  Then, on Friday April 9th, the floodgates opened, and things just haven’t stopped.

What follows is an alphabetical list of Twitter’s craziness.

Android App

twitter birdThis is not yet released, but at the Chirp developers conference the company did confirm that it would be releasing an official client for Android phones.  It is unknown at this time if they will purchase an existing one like they did with Tweetie for the iPhone OS, or if they will be partnering up to Google to make one like they did with RIM for the BlackBerry.


Possibly the most confusing of the new announcements, apparently this will be a way for developers to add annotations to Tweets that they serve up in their clients, but there is some confusion if it will be uniform or everyone will do their own thing.


A new bit of JaveScript that developers can put on a Web site that turns any “@username” into a link to that person’s information from Twitter.  I’ve added it to my personal blog, and I have to say it’s pretty slick and not very intrusive.

BlackBerry App

This was the first announcement in the craziness cycle.  Twitter teamed up with Research In Motion (RIM), the makers of the BlackBerry phones to release an official client app for the platform.  This was the first real indication that the relationship between Twitter and the developers were changing.


twitter bird swarmTwitter’s first conference for developers who use the company’s API happened Wed and Thur, and there was a slew of announcements, and a few veiled warnings of, “pick what you choose to develop more wisely.”

Library of Congress Donation

Twitter has donated every public Tweet since the site started to the United States Library of Congress.  Yes, the U.S. Government shall now archive all those Tweets you sent about, “Should I have Chipolte for lunch?” followed by, “Ugh, shouldn’t have gone to Chipolte, so much pain.”

Points of Interest

A geolocation add-on to Twitter that was announced at Chirp that will allow you to see the names of places and what others are Tweeting about it.  They said it is not competition to Foursquare and Gowalla, but will instead compliment them.

Promoted Tweets

Yes, Twitter finally has a way of making money, and it is going to be via sponsored Twitter messages known as “Promoted Tweets.”  It only took the company four years to figure out what third-party companies have been doing for a while now.

Tweetie Purchase

Coming the same day as the announcement of the BlackBerry app, Twitter announced it purchased Atebits, the makers of the popular Tweetie application for both Mac OS X systems and the iPhone & iPod Touch.  Tweetie’s designer, Loren Brichter, will be joining Twitter’s mobile division and helping them prepare an application for the iPad.  Tweetie on the iPhone OS will be rebranded as “Twitter for iPhone.”

URL Shortner

This really shouldn’t have come as any big surprise to anyone, but Twitter announced at Chirp that it would be launching its own URL shortning service.  Considering the ones that have grown on the back of Twitter, like, this really shouldn’t have shocked anyone that Twitter would just do it themselves some day.

What Next?

If I was the folks at Twitter, I think I would take a week off!  This is a huge amount of announcements for any company in a given week, but it’s great to see the company hasn’t been as quiet as we all once perceived.

Any thoughts on any, or all, of this?