Odds are, you probably haven't purchased any used PlayStation Vita games just yet. The handheld has been officially at retail in regions beyond Japan for exactly a week today. We doubt the used game market for the portable is burgeoning with options at the moment.

Here's the thing, when you do buy a used game for the PS Vita, you won't be able to earn any trophies with it. If you pop the game into your device and fire it up, you'll be greeted with a message that reads:

You cannot earn trophies in this application…Only the first player to use an application can earn trophies. To earn trophies, you must link the Sony Entertainment Network account of the first player to use this application with the PS Vita system.

And that's when you'll think, "son of a…!"

Thanks to the fine folks at Pocket Gamer, we now have a workaround for this annoying little problem. Here is a quick, approximate rundown of their steps for a solution:

  1. Insert the game card and launch it.
  2. When met with the dialog box that reads, "You cannot earn trophies in this application. Do you still want to start this application?," tap "No."
  3. Return to the main menu page of the PS Vita that has the icon for the game in question.
  4. Touch and hold the page until it becomes editable (just as you would do to move the icons or change the background.
  5. Tap the "…" above the game in question.
  6. Tap "delete."
  7. Tap "OK."

When you fire up the game after you've completed those seven steps, you'll be able to earn trophies. The game is tied to the PSN account holder that uses it the first time. This process deletes that link on the game and lets it re-establish a link with the new owner. That's what make trophy earning possible once more.

[via Pocket Gamer]