The Walking Dead’s season 9 trailer just dropped and shows the beginning of the end for Rick Grimes. For the most part, the series had stayed the path for the duration of the series but a major inflection point is coming up—star Andrew Lincoln is leaving the series after the ninth season.

With that hanging over the series, it has played a major role in Rick’s storyline and how he juggles being in charge a budding community settlement with the Saviors war now being over. Rick has always had an idealistic streak and it bleeds into his leadership of this new community but trouble is brewing.

In the aftermath of the sparing of Negan’s life, new tension now exists between Rick with Maggie and Daryl opposing the mercy the villain was shown. Things only get worse with the introduction of a new group of survivors called the Whisperers that threaten the peaceful settlement Rick is trying to build up.

The trailer is almost six minutes long and gives us a great look at all of the turmoil that will ensue in the ninth season of The Walking Dead.

Along with Andrew Lincoln’s departure, comic creator Robert Kirkman also is also leaving the show after the season ends. Things are changing for the series fast. The ninth season of The Walking Dead premieres October 7 on AMC.