When The Walking Dead returns this fall, the town of Alexandria will be reeling from the events that transpired at the end of season 5. Making things even more complicated is the introduction of three big new characters, of which fans of the comic will be very familiar with.

Entertainment Weekly got the scoop from Scott M. Gimple himself, who acts as showrunner. According to Gimple, these characters were actually in Alexandria to begin with. They were just, uh, busy doing other things while Rick was going insane. We actually got a glimpse of two of the characters in the trailer shown off at Comic-Con earlier this month, but the third is completely new.

The first notable addition is Dr. Denise Cloyd (Merrit Wever), who is plucked directly from The Walking Dead comic. Dr. Cloyd plays a huge part in the story, and her skills become integral after one of the main characters get injured—Entertainment Weekly says this gruesome injury may or may not happen on the show, which leads me to believe it will.

Meanwhile, the show will also introduce Carter (Ethan Embry), who Gimple says will serve as a “composite of different people from the original comic.”

“He is an Alexandrian, and has been there the whole time, just quite busy,” Gimple added.

In the season 6 trailer, it’s clear Carter doesn’t trust Rick to be the community’s leader, which will no doubt lead to plenty of tension between the two characters. How that will play out remains to be seen. Chances are it won’t end happily.

The third and final character is Heath (Corey Hawkins), who is simply a supply-runner for the town in the comic. If he’s getting a recurring role, however, his presence will no doubt be important to the story as a whole.

While the trailer shows most action happening within the confines of Alexandria, it’s unclear who the “bad guy” of season 6 will be. With the show’s Oct. 11 premier still a few months away, we still have a long ways until we find out.