You met the new characters, now get reacquainted with Daryl, Rick, Michonne, Carol, Morgan and even Judith, all of whom are looking predictably concerned for one reason or another.

Entertainment Weekly released a handful of new photos from the season 6 set, and although they’re just character profiles, they do give us a glimpse at the state these characters are in. Season 5 was a rollercoaster or power struggles and political maneuvers, and it all culminated in the final moments with Rick and Deanna.

How will the group recover? Judging by the trailer released at Comic-Con, season 6 will be all about the survivors struggling to get along as a community. But will they trust Rick’s leadership? It sure looks like he’ll have a lot of opposition—some of which is coming from within his own core group.

The Walking Dead season 6 is set to return on Oct. 11, 2015. And if that wasn’t enough zombie action for you, Fear the Walking Dead is scheduled to premier on Aug. 23.