Don’t worry, Telltale Games is getting around to doing a third season of its The Walking Dead adventure franchise, but it’s a little bit busy working on Minecraft, Marvel, Game of Thrones, Borderlands, a “super show” idea with Lionsgate, and its own original IP at the moment.

According to the Twitter account of Telltale’s spokesperson Job Stauffer, the studio will not be getting back to the third season The Walking Dead this year despite rumors of a new release. Speculation is now instead pointed towards another mini-episode similar to Season 1’s 400 Days, and Stauffer indeed does tease an “insanely cool” announcement.

Seriously, these guys obviously work enough overtime as it is. Telltale Games will get around to The Walking Dead Season 3 before you know it, and we’ll be able to find out more about Clementine’s ordeals possibly next year. Don’t worry!

In the meantime, what do you hope this “insanely cool” announcement is?