When you play The Walking Dead Season 2, you win or you die.

Oh man, I’m going to have a field day with Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead both under one roof at Telltale Games. With HBO trying to stick it to AMC over which network’s series makes for better Telltale ammunition, don’t expect The Walking Dead to back down. Season 2 is about to be in full throttle, and it will be putting players in direct control of the darling child Clementine.

No longer will the game be about protecting her fragile emotional state while her world around her crumbles. The Walking Dead Season 2’s first episode, titled All That Remains,will have many ways of getting the young girl killed, and the goal of the game will be to keep her alive. Director Dennis Lenart explains in an interview with Joystiq.

“We’re all coming in still being really protective of her, and now that the controller is in your hands, there’s a weird thing where half of you is playing as her, and then half of you is also still kind of protective of her. It’s a really interesting thing. It’s so hard usually to get people to really care about the characters they’re controlling, as far as getting them injured or killed, because you can just go to the restart screen. So far it’s been really cool – people feel that she’s in genuine danger and feel very protective over her. It’s still kind of a similar thing [to season one], except now the controller is directly in your hands, protecting her,”

Sounds a lot like the hype train surrounding another game in recent memory starring a female. Only this time, there are no guns or rape references involved, and I genuinely believe the developers when they say I’ll want to protect the girl I am controlling. Clementine was a rare opportunity to see a child genuinely represented in a video game, and her survival was of the utmost importance when I was controlling Lee.

Now there is no Lee in between Clementine and your choices. You are in direct control of making sure she survives, and also in direct control of putting the girl through the hell of making choices. Who lives, who dies, who gets murdered or left behind, all of these are now up to the young Clementine.

“The choices, for us, not only are they going to affect the people around us and those relationships, but also Clementine and her growth as a character, as a young girl in this crazy world, trying to grow up.”

Sounds intense. The Walking Dead was one of the best games of this past console cycle, and it wouldn’t be far-fetched to believe this new one will be getting this new generation off on a strong foot. Rivalries will spring up over which will be Telltale’s premier series, but there is no doubt that the studio is going to be bringing its ideas to the next level.