The Walking Dead 2 - 2

TellTale's award winning spin on The Walking Dead will arrive on the PlayStation Vita sometime this year. According to PlayStation's Director of Product and Platform Software Innovation, Don Mesa, the game will definitely make the jump over to Sony's struggling handheld, though no release date has been determined.

Mesa mused on the thrills of Telltale's successful adventure game, and admitted getting a series like The Walking Dead is a huge boon for the platform. Mesa believes the Vita in particular will provide a special experience, calling Vita's portability important.

Sony's Vita has seen a slight resurgence in Japan over the past month thanks to a price drop but, overall, it hasn't quite been the runaway success Sony would have liked—so far. The Walking Dead will surely be a big incentive to dust the old Vita off, even if you've already taken Lee and Clementine for a spin.