Telltale Games' next Walking Dead series will use its unique storytelling style to further flesh out one of the franchise's most popular characters, Michonne. To get the excitement rolling, the company has released the first six minutes of gameplay footage.

Haunted by her past, and coping with unimaginable loss and regret, the story explores Michonne across a three episodes of miniseries event. Players will dive into the mind of Michonne to discover what took her away from Rick, Carl, and the rest of her trusted group… and what brought her back.

The Walking Dead: Michonne is a "mini-series," meaning that just like a TV show, this will be much shorter than a standard season. Telltale has confirmed three episodes will be released, and the first, "In Too Deep," will launch on Feb. 23 through all the normal Telltale channels, which translates to just about anywhere. PC, consoles, tablets, you name it.

Episode 2 "Give No Shelter" will be released in March, and Episode 3 "What We Deserve" will close it all up in April. The Walking Dead: Michonne will set back gamers just $14.99 overall.