Word has begun to circulate that The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct trailer that hit the internet in full force yesterday was a fan-made fake. That news came from an Activision PR representative in speaking with Giant Bomb. Here's what they said:

"That trailer that's going around on 'TWDSurvivalInstinct' channel isn't official…It is a fan edit. It looks like they pulled gameplay from the first reveal which was on IGN's Up at Noon last week."

What made me personally fall for the trailer? A few things, really. Several sites were running it as genuine. More than that, the Facebook page that I considered official for The Walking Dead FPS posted a link to the trailer.

Here's my sticking point, though. Announcing that this trailer was fan-made really only explains the awkward editing. It doesn't account for the game's graphics or mechanics. Those were the sour bits of the clip, and those were pulled from a genuine interview between IGN and Terminal Reality's Glenn Gamble. They are completely official, and they aired on IGN with both the blessings of Terminal Reality and Activision.

Public relations representatives can't explain that away, can they?