The Walking Dead Episode 5: No Time Left will officially hit each platform this week. The launch trailer freshly released for this episodic heart breaker gives a taste of the depression still to come.

Clementine is lost and it's up to Lee, and whoever else you convinced to come with him, to save her from the strange man on the radio. Hopefully, we see Telltale bring Clementine's parents into the story in some strange way. The pair have been looming over the little girl since her very first scene, and seeing that plot point come to fruition would be fantastic.

Of course, I have the distinct feeling that this game will leave me in utter shambles by the time the closing credits roll. Telltale's done a marvelous job presenting great characters and tough choices at almost every single turn, and I know that I'm as emotionally invested in this game as I have been for any other movie, book or otherwise.

If they play their cards right, The Walking Dead might be an exceptionally harrowing tale.

The game will be on the PSN today, once the store updates, and on the Xbox LIVE Arcade, PC, Mac and iOS platforms tomorrow.