Do you watch The Walking Dead and say, “Psh, I couldn’t survive the apocalypse.” Well, you’ll get your chance—sort of. Universal Studios has announced that its Southern California location will erect a permanent attraction dedicated to the Walking Dead, giving fans a daily taste of the real thing.

If you’ve ever attended Halloween Horror Nights, you’ve probably already experienced what the upcoming Walking Dead attraction will be like; the theme park typically has mazes themed after the popular show. Beginning summer 2016, fans will have the opportunity to visit a permanent attraction.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the attraction will feature “authentic” looking zombies, animatronic walkers and sets designed to look like they’ve been stripped straight from the Walking Dead universe. Sorry, but real-life Daryl will not be a fixture of the experience. Sounds like a cool thing to have on your resume, though!

Experience: Zombie at Universal Studios Hollywood.

What’s funny is that Universal Studios is gearing up to open The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in April, so not only can you sip some Butterbeer, but you can outrun a horde of the undead. Just another Friday afternoon in Tinseltown.