The video above came to us from ChAIR and Epic Games in email form earlier today. In that note was news of a small sale being offered for iOS gamers. If you've yet to pick up the original Infinity Blade, you can do so during this holiday week for $2.99. That's half off the normal price.

There's no denying that both Infinity Blade and Infinity Blade II are among the best looking mobile games across any platform. According to Adam Ford, Artistic Director for the project, the goal with the sequel is to transcend graphical prettiness and step into a work of art. That's going to be achieved by using the power of the new iOS devices to create bigger environments with better lighting and a stronger sense of solitude.

Based entirely on the video above, do you think there are atistic merits and qualities within Infinity Blade II?

The sword slashing RPG from ChAIR and Epic Games is set to release for the iOS platform on December 1st. It's a universal app and will cost $6.99.

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