Everyone deserves a personal cave of awesome, where the stresses and mundanity of normal life can recede. But few have dared to go where this Star Trek-themed home theater has gone — right onto the bridge of a starship.

This creation is like a sci-fi nerd's dream environment, one that features extremely high-volume audio levels and motorized sliding doors. There's even a captain's chair, complete with 15-inch touchscreen that controls the whole setup. According to designer ESC's website:

The theater represents one of the most distinctive, technically and structurally advanced private theaters in the United States. The client insisted upon a unique and specific set of criteria including extremely high volume levels within a tasteful and highly-detailed Star Trek-themed architecture. Other technical assemblies unique to residential environments include motorized sliding doors, intelligent concert-type lighting and related DMX512 controls, and commercial-level HVAC, all coexisting seamlessly and reliably for a typical homeowner.

I don't know about you, but if the typical homeowner on my block is rocking concert lighting in his very own Enterprise, that's a neighbor I want to get to know.

[via Geek Tyrant]