Game developers use weird tricks all the time to create an illusion of a real world that’ll actually run on the systems players are using. While digging into some Fallout files, one modder found a particularly interesting one.

When Bethesda built Fallout 3‘s Broken Steel expansion, part of the story had the player riding a train. The team had two choices: build a train from the ground up for one sequence in an expansion, or find a more creative solution that makes use of what they already had on hand.

It turns out that when the player enters the train, they’re equipped with a piece of armor that makes their view look as if they were looking out of the train. The player is then moved along a fixed track where they can look around but not move. Beneath that view, though, the player’s arms and legs are still there making some kind of weird Pyramid Head creature.

As one Redditor notes, these kinds of solutions are a matter of resourcefulness, not laziness, and help developers put in set-pieces that might require tons of time and attention to build out otherwise. Usually the results of that resourcefulness aren’t so weirdly discomforting to look at, though.

The sequel, Fallout 4, is set to release November 10 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and I can’t wait to see what kind of weird stuff modders dig up.